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UK Politics The Brexit thread (or All -not- quiet on the western front)

Inquisitor Solarion

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@Eliar... no, Black Comedy is only there to lessen the blow. We're going full 'Grimdark' if reality keeps taking my setting notes as a blueprint for reality...

Nah. What we have is literally V for Vendetta coming to real life. And not the American version, the original British one about neo-fascism and the lot. The truth is that the elements for British fascism have always been there, especially among those who grew up with the notion that "the empire never sets".


Brexit confusion saved UK porn (kinda):

Wired said:
The reason for the delay? An administration error. In the House of Commons, the minister of state for culture Jeremy Wright revealed the problem. "It has come to my attention in recent days that an important notification stage was not undertaken for this policy," Wright told the House of Commons. He added that he found out about the problem on Friday June 14.

Wright said the delay hasn't come due to the scale of implementing age checks across the entire web, but instead is caused by a little-known bureaucratic procedure. Under EU rules, set out by the Directive 2015/1535, it is the responsibility for governments to tell the European Commission about upcoming changes in legislation. The government didn't do this.
Which is just as well, since the act undermines user privacy as well.

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