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The Class of '09 (Class of '09) vs the Class of '09 (Class of '09)


Class of '09 (2023) is direct to streaming FX sci-fi drama thriller series following the 2009 graduating class of FBI Recruits from Quantico in the 2030s, when predictive AI technology has been fully integrated into law enforcement.

Class of '09 (2023) is also a satirical "anti-visual novel" published by Wrath Club, written and created by prolific anime dubber soulbrothanumbah3. It follows Nicole, a traumatized neurotic High School junior as she moves to Northern Virginia and faces hostage friendships, pedo teachers, and far right terrorism.

...Wait, what?

Yes, these two came out called the same name and in the same year. They're listed under the same page on TVTropes. The former will likely be forgotten about while the latter has a sequel, a cult following and (maybe) an upcoming anime adaptation. Now I am proposing this: Who would win? The Class of '09, or the Class of '09?

Class of '09 (The Visual Novel). The average graduating class in American Public School is about 137 students. They are armed with anything you can find in a high school. 50/50 gender ratio. They're all 18 (so it's okay to kill them). They have 1 chlorine bomb made in the Photo Lab, with a payload large enough to level a bingo hall.

Class of '09 (The Miniseries): The 5 main characters: Tayo, Poet, Hour, Lennix, and Murphy. Physically fit, 20s to 30s in age. Armed with and trained with standard FBI kit, Glock 23 with plenty of ammo and tac vests.

Round 1:
137 Senior students dropped 100 meters front of the 5 FBI. Bloodlusted.

Round 2:
1 Day Prep Time. Seniors have the bomb and are united by Mr. White's white nationalist ideology. FBI sending them in to kill/arrest them all, provides equipment/transport and barricades the school but no other personnel.

Real Time = FBI are now in their ages by the end of the show (late 50s~) and the seniors are now 29.
Rules of Engagement = Agents are forced to follow FBI ROE and aren't bloodlusted (but have to accomplish the mission). Seniors are still bloodlusted but aren't suicidal and can plan like rational people.
Coked Up = The Senior Class are now all high on crack rocks and adderall.

Who Wins?
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