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Eh, I believe I have a pretty good read on some problems, but I can't offer any solutions that differ from "recreate SB" and that's obviously not the idea :D

Seriously, I believe we need some anti-derail rules, but it's hard to see how you could write or enforce them in a way not ending in either the "no fun allowed" tyranny or the "fun allowed depending on the moderator and their current mood" despotism.
We'll try. If we do not succeed, at least we tried. If we do succeed you may be up for a Nobel Peace Prize. :)


Both are basically the same "problem". Thing is this is a forum, not a chatroom and not a private conversation. The free talking style might be engaging for those few directly involved, but reading threads and trying to find what you were looking for after reading the title and OP becomes basically a disappointing chore.

It's fine if your aim is just to chat with a few friends or regulars, but I don't think this way of going about it scales and I believe it will prevent this forum from ever going from "a place where some SB exiles with an understanding between each other meet to keep in touch" to "a interesting place for anyone interested in sci-fi or politics".
We'll see how it goes as the forum gets larger. I'm not opposed to such a thing as SB started off originally in a similar way, but I've yet to see in itself how it's harming the site at the present time.

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Finally back at my PC after a busy thanksgiving.

I'm in total agreement with Horton, and am not inherently against some sort of change, but after reading @Scroller's post I had the same thought that @ScreenXSurfer had. SB/SV's whitehalls/NSFD/VS sub-forums can be incredibly toxic and hostile places. We can't achieve a perfectly civil/nice environment, all we can do is try and do better then our peers.
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