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The "I am listening to this song" thread

I can't believe I didn't notice that... and for 20 plus years at that. 😅


A great soundtrack to a great movie.

By pure accident i´ve stumbled upon those jewel here...

Nice beat and a good Headbanging.

excellent music to go for a morning walk.


Ahh, Synthesizer Pop....
Has a nice beat, unfortunately i understand not a thing what he is singing about.

Hmm, time to raise the bar....

Ah, JMJ a legend for his Oxygène album. To bad the rest of his work was never quite the match ...at least in my opinion.
Ah, JMJ a legend for his Oxygène album. To bad the rest of his work was never quite the match ...at least in my opinion.

So true....
Had three LP from him. Oxygene was IMHO his best.
John Barry 's more obscured soundtrack from even more of obscure movie. (Which is fairly bad)

The guy's body of work is pretty goddamn enormous and varied even not taking in account his work on music for TV and movies. Also one of few composers that fully flashed out every track on his soundtracks for movies. It's funny that people think all his music sound the same. Which can be said about Morricone , Goldsmith or especially those fucking hacks Zimmer and john williams.
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This song is perpetually stuck in my head
Far Cry 4 is a good game for anyone who likes open world/FPS, a bit generic though. I don't know enough about the genre scene back in 2014 to say if it was a trendsetter or follower, but I have to say something that it did do was introduce me to the Bombay Royale.

A new band, I think. Sounds nice.

New The Weeknd album. Love him continuing the 80s vibe. Gotta admit, I recognize the song he's sampling for this one. Very nice.

Ah...this was from Fukui's first's album, I think. You'll want to hear his later performances, it gets even better.

Thank you I will. From what I have been told entire Jazz scene in Japan from the 70's up to the mid early 80's was fucking terrific and right up my alley.

Anyway, Kenny Davern very underappreciated jazz clarinetist, whom always to me always was better live then his studio albums.

One of the best arrangement of summertime I've heard.

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