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The Northman


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Why isn't Alexander Skarsgård in everything? He is so good.

Anya Taylor-Joy is... OK. Just one of those new "it" girls having her day in the sun.

Björk as a Norse witch. Yes, please.

I look forward to this.


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If this is meant to be a Norse Conan the Barbarian, everything seems a bit dull outside of Skarsgard in Kratos mode and Bjork as a seeress.

Where are the giant Fenrir wolves, the skulls-adorned armour and horned helmets, the actual 9-foot trolls?


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Five hammer and sickles out of five.

Y'all be crazy. This movie is absofuckinglutely amazing. The audio, the cinematography, the acting... perfect. Story is based off of the Amleth saga, which inspired the inferior copy Hamlet (Shakes literally cut off the 'H' and moved it to the front of the name). Solid story.

This film deserves every award. All of them.
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Mr Wumbo

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Too bad Indonesia is too deep in the capeshit to have any space for movies like this.


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I thought it was meh. Didn't even know Bjork was in it until I saw this post lmao
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