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Time Delay for Post


Ain't no bitch who can do it like me
Is there an ability to put in a time-delay between when I click "submit" on a post I wrote and when that post actually populates in a thread?

Sometimes I make post that, quite frankly, are just caustic hot-takes that serve no function except to jigger a bit of humor or some other experience in my own mind. But then I quickly go back and delete it, or edit it, because it really isn't a message I want to represent me to the rest of the board. And given that we can't delete or edit post that are greater than 15 minutes in age, I'm stuck with a message that Past-Screen thought was worthy during the 30 seconds it took me to write it, but Current-Screen thinks is juvenile. Sometimes juvenile post are my intention, other times they're a mistake. Is a feature like this possible to implement within the user settings of our accounts?


Just put in the content and don’t click post?

Mark Poe

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Writing Champ
Actually, I just thought of another reason for something that feature could be useful for.

Say, if an author wants to plan regular updates to their story that would come really in handy if a stockpile of chapters could be slotted and released even if the author loses access to internet for whatever reason (vacation, jail, etc.)
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