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Vs Debates Rules

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1. No silly or spammy debates such as Apples Vs Oranges, SV vs SB, etc

2. "Magic", "The Force" and powers in general will be assumed to be the same thing in a vs. Such that powers will be assumed to be variations on the same thing (Magic).

3. Physics and Science will be assumed to be consistent with real life unless contradicted by the source material. So we assume the rules of something like gravity are the same in the Star Wars universe up until the point in which the technology or powers from that setting override it. Human beings are also assumed to act in the same way as their real life counterparts.

4. Fanfiction debates are only allowed if the fanfiction has become somewhat famous in the community, "fame" being decided on a thread by thread basis.

5. Canon will be assumed to be in line with the authors or owners policy, unless specified by the OP.

The other rules governing the forum will also stay in place, alongside the rules of vs highlighted above.
Not open for further replies.
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