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Warcraft: Horde Quest

A new homeland


Bean Daddy
You are Warchief Thrall and you have not had an easy life. Within a month of your birth your parents were murdered on the orders of the traitor Gul’dan and you were left in the wilderness to die. Fate however had different plans in mind for you. By accident you were found by a human officer by the name of Aedelas Blackmoore who took you and made you a slave. In the years followed, Blackmoore had you schooled in the art of war and other subjects. Rapidly you became his best gladiator and the main source of his income. The abuse of Blackmoore and the countless beatings had taken it’s toll on you. This was not a life you wanted. This was not how you were going to die, be it in gladiator arena or the day a drunken Blackmoore went too far in beating you. So with the assistance your friend, a human by the name of Taretha Foxton you were able to escape Durnholde Keep. The place that at that point had been the only home you had ever knew.

Your new found freedom however did not last long as a group of Alliance soldiers managed to capture you and shipped you off to an internment camp unaware of who you were. It was here you saw firsthand how low your once mighty people had fallen. You had been somewhat aware that your people had fallen upon hard times due to your history lessons and your observations of other orc slaves. Arriving at this camp this showed without a doubt how low your people had fallen. They did not resist their status, try to escape or even bother moving for the most part. Resigned to sit in their filth and wait till they died. Though you did learn from one of the presioner’s that not all orcs had given into lethargy and apathy. That being the Warsong Clan and their leader Grom Hellscream. Despite your people’s defeat during their second invasion of Azeroth, he and his fellow warriors had continued to fight. Even with the odds stacked he kept fighting.

With you resolved to find him and learning of Blackmoore arrival at the camp, you escaped the camp and went out in search of the Warsong. Eventually you would find the Warsong and come to re-discover parts of your orcish heritage under Grom. Learning of the fact you were likely from the Frostwolf Clan you once again set out and eventually made your way to the Alterac Mountains.
A decision that nearly cost you your life if it had not been for the timely intervention of members of the Frostwolf Clan, who nursed you back to health and would reveal to you being the heir of their long dead chieftain Durotan. With time you became a member of the clan and trained under Drek’Thar in the ways of your people’s ancient shamanistic tradition that had been abandoned during the rise of Gul’dan.

You rapidly mastered the elements and took your rightful place as the chieftain of the Frostwolves. One day while overseeing the clan an aged orc arrived at your camp and who you treated with hospitality. The aged orc’s response was insults and accusations of your clan being bunch of cowards. Eventually your rage took over and challenged him to single combat no longer willing to tolerate him. The fight was short and brutal but you managed to disarm the orc and were only prevented from choking him to death by your fellow clan members. It was a good thing they did or else you would have murdered Orgrim Doomhammer, former Warchief of the Horde. As Orgrim informed you, Drek’Thar had contacted him and had decided to test you. With you passing his test, Doomhammer told you and the rest of the clan his to free your people from the camps and rebuild the Horde.

Per Doomhammer's plan, you would infiltrate the camps masquerading as one of the downtrodden, lethargic prisoners, and then you would rile up the orcs with shows of your shamanistic powers. With the downtrodden orcs revitalized by this showing of orchish power and heritage, they would then rise up and combined with the forces of the Warsong and Frostwolves, would then quickly overran the encampments. This plan worked smoothly the first three times, the fourth time you were recognized and had to use a combination of shaman powers and overwhelming numbers to defeat the camp’s garrison. The fifth time, the Alliance forces were no longer lax and brought in reinforcements. While the resulting battle was a victory for the Horde, Doomhammer suffered a fatal wound and dying breaths passed on his his armor and warhammer, and named you Warchief of the Horde.

For your next target you chose Durnholde Keep in order to deal a major blow to the system of the internment camps. When you arrived at Durnholde with the Horde at your back, you confronted a drunken Blackmoore, and asked for a peaceful parlay in order to prevent pointless bloodshed. Blackmoore after varied emotional responses and asking him to surrender, responded by throwing the severed head of Taretha into the courtyard and screaming that this was what he would do with traitors. The sight of Taretha head and the shock of it all caused tears for the first time in years. Though your grief was quickly was replaced with rage and battle soon was joined. The fighting was fierce but in the end the Orcs of the camp were liberated, the camp destroyed and Blackmoore dead at your hands. For a while afterwards you would liberate the remaining camps. Eventually you would recieve a vision that would begin an epic adventure from the Arathi to Highlands to Mount Hyjal. Losses were suffered by the Horde, though new friends and allies were gained along the way.

With the defeat of the Burning Legion and peace with the Alliance and the Night Elves, your people now have the opportunity to settle down and prosper. Though the question now being where will your people down roots? Your advisors have presented you with three options. Your first option being The Barrens. An arid, rugged region of plains beset by terrible wind strorms and as well raids by natives. The latter mostly being Centaur warbands. Water as to be expected is rare and more valuable than gold. Despite these facts there advantage to making this place the new orcish homeland. Trade routes have begun to form between your people and the Tauren, with a new Tauren outpost by the name of the Crossroads rapidly becoming of growing importance as it reaps the benefits of the growing trade. Placing your capital there would rapidly transform it into the trade capital of Kalimdor. It’s location being advantageous due to it’s short distance from Mulgore, Stonetalon, Ashenvale, Thousand Needles and finally the trolls to the east. The settling and pacification would put you in a prime position to expand across Kalimdor. Finally the threat of the Centaur must be ended and the placing of most of your people and armies in the barrens would allow you much more quickly ending their threat. Though for a time your capital and settlements would be under threat from Centaur raids and attacks.

Your second option being eastern Ashenvale. First settled by Grom under your orders, it now home to the remnants of the Warsong scattered among a number of outposts, settlements and lumber camps. It is a region abundant with water and forests and overflowing with game to hunt due to animals fleeing from other parts of Night Elven territory to flee the onslaught of the Undead and the Burning Legion. Settling here would allow for rapid building of settlements and rapid population growth due to plentiful resources and relative safety. Your people will be able to quickly settle this region before moving south into the northern Barrens. Of course settling in Eastern Ashenvale does have its downsides. It would put you a fair distance from your fellow Horde members and as result take longer to assist each other in a time of crisis. not to mention enrage the Night Elves and put your people’s capital and settlements on the frontline of any future war with the Night Elves. Though flip side being that it would help secure your northern border and ensure that any Night Elf attempt to take this region would quickly bog down into a stalemate.

Your third option being the eastern peninsula one of your stolen ships was shipwrecked upon. It is similar to the Barrens though with far more canyons and crags. As well it has hostile natives, but far less than in the Barrens. As well the Darkspear will be available to assist in your conquest of this land and in times of emergency will be able to rapidly assist you and vice versa. When this peninsula is brought orcish control you will then be able to turn your attention to the Barrens and if you wish to the region of Azshara to your north. As well you will have two potential locations to establish your capital here. The first being a location near the Echo Isles, where the Darkspear are settling. This capital proposal would see the first ever true orcish city being a port and your people focusing on the building of a new navy to secure the nearby waters while fending off raids from the locals before marching north to secure the peninsula.

The other capital proposal being in the north of this region in a series of valleys nearly totally surrounded by mountain. It is a good defensive position. One way in and one way out due the mountains surrounding almost all of it. Of course that could be turn against you in a siege. Finally settling here will mean being a fair distance away from the Warsong, Mulgore and many of your Barren settlements. Though if you can rapidly bring this peninsula under Horde control you can quickly provide assistance to the Barren settlements and speed up the colonization of it.

So where will you settle your people?

[]The Barrens

[]Eastern Ashenvale

[]Eastern Peninsula


[x]Eastern Peninsula
No barren deserts, no 10,000 year-old Amazon war machine, what's not to love?
Choosing your capital


Bean Daddy
After giving it some thought and weighing the pros and cons you decided that your people will build a new homeland for them in the eastern peninsula which you have decided henceforth will now be named Durotan, after your father. Partly to honor your father and well partly to give an actual name to the peninsula. As you exit your tent you see the various preparations your people and their allies are making for what is hopefully the final exodus of the Horde.

Pigs and kodo are being prepared to be moved aboard your rickety stolen ships while your warriors assemble and plan for how they will secure a path to your new capital while civilians board newly built goblin ships. The Dark Spear meanwhile make the final touches on their own ships which remind you of the old troll destroyers from the Second War. While all this is going on you must decide where the new Horde capital will be located, with two choices available.

A secure capital partly protected by mountains where after your well established you can push out and secure the rest of Durotar and perhaps even earlier. The other choice being to build a capital across from the Dark Spears. You’ll be able to support each other in case of an attack and reap the benefits of naval commerce. As well quickly focus on replacing your current fleet of failing ships with a true navy and to be able fend off any future Scourge naval invasions and as well to establish coastal outposts in other parts of Kalimdor to limit any future Alliance expansion.

While you will seek peace with the Alliance you know that any peace with them will only last so long and so in case war does break out again, best to insure the Horde is as prepared as possible and with as many advantages as possible. So where will you establish your capital?

[]Coastal capital

[]Valley capital
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Turn 1 25 ADP Q4


Bean Daddy
A new era is dawning for your people. Your people now have some land that belongs to them and no one else. A place where the first ever orcish city will be built. Honestly rather not surprising since your people have generally not prefered to settle in one location in large numbers outside of war and celebrations. Of course that means your people have no knowledge it either building a city or managing one. It will be a challenge and there will be hiccups but your people will figure it out over time.

Once the city is settled enough, you can then turn your attention to the rest of Durotar. Which unfortunately is already claimed by various local tribes. So if you want to provide more land and resources for your people, then conflict will be required to acquire said land from said locals. Who will understanbly resist rather violently you taking their land. After Durotar is pacified enough then you can turn your attention to the Barrens.

That will be a far greater challenge with the Centaur tribes largely in charge of that region. Though you have no doubt that in time the combined might of the will be able to break their hold on that large expanse of land and from there be able to expand into other regions of Kalimdor. Though that’s in the future. For now you will focus on building your new city.

[]Write in name of capital

Pick 6

[]Warchief stronghold: You need a place to hear the complaints and the needs of your people. As well a place to overseer the building of your new capital and in time the expansion of the Horde. Also you have some ideas to organize some civilian and military bureaucracy to help you run the Horde.
Reward: Warchief stronghold. Unlock bureaucracy options and taxation. Time: 1 Turn

[]The giving fleet: The fleet you stole from the humans that brought you here has been through quite a bit and a lack of upkeep. As a result the remaining ships are likely not to last much longer. So instead of letting them just fall apart, tear them apart and use them to build a fishing village on the north western coast and as the name suggest begin providing fish as a food source for your people.
Reward: Fishing village built on north western coast and new food source. Time 1 Turn

[]Barracks: Your warriors need proper lodgings and it would be wise to be able to quickly your muster troops. Therefore select a valley and have the peons begin construction of quite a few barracks to house your warriors.
Time: 1 Turn. Reward: Troops housed and able to train new orcish grunts in the future.

[]Scout the mountains: Mountains surround the location of your soon to be capital. It would be good know if anything valuable is there.
Reward: Info on potential mountain resources

[]Scout South: You don’t know much about the land of Durotar. You should correct that seeing as this peninsula will become the core of your new holdings in Kalimdor's. Therefore send Wyvern scouts south and get the lay of the land.
Reward: Info about Durotar.

[]Search for a Spymaster: You need someone whose is at home in the shadows. To prevent plots from endangering the Horde.
Reward: List of potential spymasters.

[]Keeping the path clear: Your warriors had to clash with the locals and force them from their villages in order for your people to make it to the entrance to your new capital. So to keep a route to the sea open and to make sure warriors sacrifice was not for nothing, build outposts and guard towers to keep this route open. As a side benefit it will allow to claim the north western coast all the way up to the entrance of your soon to be capital. As well it prevent the locals from returning to their villages.
Reward: North Western Coastal region brought under Horde control. Time: 1 Turn

[]Purge Warlocks: Warlocks were the downfall of your people in the past and if they allowed to remain among your people, they may plant the seeds of a second downfall. Therefore move quickly and purge them. Though there will be some casualties.
Reward: Warlocks purged from the Horde
Note: Not compatible with Warlocks Welcomed.

[]Warlocks Welcomed: Some old warlocks and their apprentices secretly joined your new Horde and your exodus to Kalimdor. That did not surprise you. What did surprise you, is that most stayed loyal to your people. You would have expected them to gladly serve the Burning Legion but that for most part did not happen. They fought the Legion and their undead servants. So perhaps there is a place for them in the Horde and allow them to publicly recruits new apprentices and practice their dark art legally. Though you will keep a close eye to them for any signs of treachery.
Reward: Warlock arts no longer banned.
Note: Not compatible with Purge Warlocks

[]Guarding the entrance: Seeing as these valleys are soon to house your people, you should be able to defend it. Therefore construct bunkers, guard towers, burrows and other fortifications to create a strong defensive line that will be able to repel any attack by the locals.
Reward: Entrance to your capital fortified. Some food provided by the peon barrows. Time: 1 turn

[]Pig farms: Pigs have been a major source of food for the orcish people for pretty much as long as orcs have existed and will continue to be so. So set up farms in one of the valleys to insure your people have a plentiful supply of pork.
Reward: Build farms to insure a food supply for your capital. Time: 1 Turn

[]Housing the people: Your moving quite a few people into these valleys. As a result your gonna need quite a bit of homes and quite a bit of wood. Luckily you harvested quite a bit while campaigning in the night elves lands. Also you want to provide protection for your people against the razor winds as soon as possible.
Reward: Housing for a good chunk of your population. Boost to population growth. Time: 2 Turns

[]Medical lodges: Bringing Durotar under Horde control will require more than a few battles. Your warriors have already to fight a short campaign to get you to the entrance of your new home. Some wounded and some dead. Therefore it would be advisable to set up places of healings for your warriors.
Reward: Medical lodges built. Warriors based in Durotar healed at a faster rate. Time: 1 Turn

[]Northern Durotar Lumber camp: The lumber you harvested in the Barrens and night elven will only last so long. So it would be a good idea to get a new source of lumber. Lucky there is some trees scattered from here to the location where your fleet landed on Durotar. Not large quantities but it will be enough for now.
Reward: Lumber camp built. New source of lumber. Time: 1 Turn

[]Wyvern Homes: The Wyvern have fought, bled and died alongside your people. So it’s only fair if they are provided with places to call home. So have the peons construct some abodes for your Wyvern allies.
Reward: Wyvern abodes built. Time: 1 Turn.


Please vote by plan.
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[X]Warchief stronghold
[X]Northern Durotar Lumber camp
[X]Pig farms
[X]Housing the people
[X]Keeping the path clear


Beach bum, Esq.
[X] Ogrimmar

[X]Warchief stronghold

[X]The giving fleet

[X]Guarding the entrance

[X]Housing the people

[X]Medical lodges

[X]Keeping the path clear


Asocial Quasisocialist
[X] Hordemoot

[X] Warchief stronghold

[X] The giving fleet:

[X]Keeping the path clear

[X] Guarding the entrance

[X] Pig farms:

[X] Housing the people

** The Plan **

Food and Shelter are to be our peoples top priorities. We need Pigfarms, we need the Giving Fleet, and we need to keep the path clear to receive the benefits to the fleet. We need shelter to house the people and protect them from the winds. We need to guard the entrances to protect the people. And we need the Great Hall to address the grievances of our people.

Once food and shelter have been secure, we can then turn our attention to building Barracks, Wyvern Homes and Medical Lodges. We can last a short while for new lumber camps, and once the route to the sea has been secured we can move onto harvesting lumber. Official scouting can be done later when the place is secure, or by lone adventurers. Our people will no doubt. We can maintain a polite neutrality on the warlock question. It would also be dishonourable to appoint a spymaster while we should be securing food and shelter for our people.


Bean Daddy
Voting is closed. The following are the winning choices.


[X]Warchief stronghold

[X]Pig farms

[X]Housing the people

[X]Guarding the entrance

[X]Keeping the path clear

[X] The giving fleet

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