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Watch check! Or Dugong is curious and wanted to see other people's watches (and show off his own too, of course)


Beach bum, Esq.
Today, the intrepid dugong has started looking into drawers to find a watch because you guys won't show yours to meh. *pouts*


Took my dad for his hospital check-ups earlier and found this baby.

My dad's old beater watch! I think I bought this for him in either late 2012 or early 2013, can't really remember after his old Seiko Kinetic gave up the ghost. The one of the daily Seiko quartz GADA (Go Anywhere, Do Anything) watches. Kinda surprised to see it on his dresser just now.

36mm watch, what sellers would market as 'unisex' watches. Feh! 36mm is good enough for the like of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman and freaking Clark Gable used to wear even smaller watches and he was considered a manly man.
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Beach bum, Esq.
Got my latest watch, a Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Marine GMT titanium.



So yeah, complete with GMT movement so I'd remember when doggo's supposed to be asleep. 😝

It's 43mm (big bugger). At the limit of my 7 | 7 ¼ (left and right) inch wrist to wear and not be ridiculous.


Beach bum, Esq.
So bought some straps and here it is!




So yeah, bought some cheap (as in $2 per rubber strap cheap) rubber straps and several blue leather straps (as in $4.50 per leather strap) and was really enjoying how it changed the feel of the watch.


Beach bum, Esq.
Dugong's first watch mishap.

I thought I'd change my Seiko Speedtimer back to its bracelet and did so. Well, tried to do it, more like.



So yeah, one of the knobs on the quick release springbar snapped off before this and I didn't notice. So by trying to brute force it, one ruined strap.

So yeah, it's either get a wire cutter or just suck it, put another springbar and rock some Nato straps.


Beach bum, Esq.
The Nato straps have arrived and the Speedtimer is back in rotation, baby! Woohoo!



For @Eliar. It's not every watch I own, but... 😛



Beach bum, Esq.
Some are crap, some are techno crap, some are quirky. Use your imagination as to which watch goes into which category. 😁😛


Beach bum, Esq.
Arggh. Dugong is on tenterhooks waiting for the delivery of my new watch.
It's a Spinnaker Bradner. Hong Kong microbrand, uses a Seiko NH35 movement.

Looks something like this.


Edit: it has arrived. Now on my wrist.


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Beach bum, Esq.
Let me show you, @Eliar.

It's thinner, more legible if I decide to dive with one and the straps are quick change unlike the Spinnaker.


Mind you, at over $1000 ($1090+ with strap, $1120 with bracelet) compared to the Spinnaker Bradner's $255 with strap, $350 with a bracelet it's way cheaper.
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Beach bum, Esq.
Also put my Spinnaker on a Nato strap because something about the water resistant treatment on the leather strap makes the bloody thing unbreathable. Ugh, I had to wipe my wrist from the sweat.



Beach bum, Esq.
Happy birthday to me! 🥳🎉

For my birthday dugong give himself wa German watch! Ja, achtung!

Presenting, a Dievas Marine Mojave. 500m water resistance, comes with a helium release valve (how cool is that!)

It just arrived today. After unwrapping it I had to change the leather strap to the NATO strap it came with (one of my two complaints about this, short straps and a crown that is hard to screw back).




Now I'm just waiting for the rubber strap I ordered and the watch shall be complete! Mwahahaha!
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