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Weakest Villain Who Can Survive the Z-Wave? (Power Rangers in Space)


The Freak
Who or what would be the weakest villain capable of surviving Zordon's Energy Wave emitted by him in death?

(Timestamp: 1:45 onwards)

For this thread, we'll be assuming the following:

1. Evil is defined by the textbook definition (A Google Search will tell you that the definition is as follows: "Profoundly immoral and wicked.'') So the candidates for "evil" in this thread have to be willing todo immoral and wicked acts even knowing what they're doing is wrong.

2. The villains post-In Space were either saved by being locked away or being out of range. This is supported by the fact that throughout the season, it's mentioned that Zordon's energy is being drained. In this scenario, Zordon is at full energy.

3. "Normal" villains like your average psychopath wouldn't be affected for the simple reason that this clearly isn't the case in the show (Characters like Master Org come to mind). However, if they use some kind of supernatural force they're candidates for death/change in this thread (Although it does not guarantee it).

4. Beings which are more of a force of nature or lacking the ability to develop a concept of evil in the first place would likely be unaffected. In the words of Sam Harris, we would tsunamis and earthquakes in jail if we could.

Who do you think would survive? My first choice would go to the Cult of Skaro from Doctor Who due to their Emergency Temporal Shift ability. As the name suggests, it allows them to take an emergency jump into the Time Vortex and travel to a random point in time and space. Example:

(They later wounded up in 1930s Manhattan)
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