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What if : You get Omnitrix but with a twist!


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Tomorrow, Azmuth's dumber cousin from a different galaxy runs up to you, shoves an Empty Omntrix into your whist, and he'd teleport away to a house at watching your actions with his device in a magical tv for fun.

Rules of empty Omnitrix.

1.it's has the ability to permanently consumed beings into a pocket dimension by its dark greenish tentacles instead of scanning Alien's DNA like Ben's original watch.

2.it's has no time limit and can switch forms with all of their original powers/knowledge/skills/standard equipment at will.

3.a Timelord is willing to instantly transport you to multiple different universes of any timeline and place by your own words of choice.

4. Everything can be consumed by this watch is after you or somebody else severely weaken/murder/beaten them in a fight like what Alex Mercer's powers or Kirby's mouth did.

5. Empty Omntrix's dark greenish tentacles are strong as real life's steel and have a range of 21 meters with the added bonus of morphing into sharp weapons like spears,chainsaw or swords.

6. it's can consume/absorb anything beings like monsters,aliens,demons,angels,robots,zombies,animals or whoever.

7. Your new forms will be healed/resurrected to full health after it's inside of pocket dimension or switching to another transformation.

8.Watch is completely invulnerable to any attempt of removing/destroying it and permanently stuck with your wrist.

P.S try to be creative with this situation.
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