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Modern What would it take for Japan to not get into conflict with America in WW2?

Terra Novan

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Wasn't one of the major reasons why Japan became bellicose to the US the fact that Wilson, and his hanger-ons who stayed in government as bureaucrat advisors for the upcoming GOP presidents of the 1920s and during the Washington Naval Conference, horribly fucking racist motherfuckers to anybody from Asia (I read that Wilson was considered an Asiaphobe even by the standards of his own era)?
Ironically, even the Japanese at that time recognized that their pre-treaty naval building plan was not feasible due to the sheer expense, but humans are not rational and the wounded pride hurts.


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Go back far enough to the attempted intervention of various powers into the Russian Civil War. Instead of eventually withdrawing due to diminishing returns, have the confused, constantly switching priorities regarding the intervention double down on attempting to finally solve their so-called "Northern Problem" and force a Siberian buffer state into being. Depending on how stubborn you make them in that scenario, you'd have an Imperial Japan mired in commitments to the Asian mainland and saddled with the burden of holding restive Siberian territory and trying to financially and militarily prop up their buffer state. In addition to that, have them still try to pursue their ambitions in China, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

The resulting shitshow might just make them cautious about opening hostilities with the US when they're too tied down on the mainland.
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