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WI: You are the Ruler of Germany ?


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Maybe because i´m drunk (just a little), i was watching a History Documentary about all the Sh*t that led to WW1 and subsequently to WW2....

So, lets say Truck-kun has hit you and instead dropping you off in some weird Fantasy World with all it´s strange Inhabitants (like Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, etc...)
it dropped you in the Past. To be more precise, you replace Kaiser Wilhelm. Yes, that Kaiser Wilhelm. Like every good Isekai, you are given some boons.

1. A healthy Body. Unlike Wilhelm, you are not a disabled Person. You´ve been give a perfect healthy Body. Your new lifespan is raised to 130 Years, wich is a lot.
2. Knowledge. In your head is now the complete Knowledge of the things to come. Not only Historic Event, but also all sorts of Technologies. Tech starting from 01.01.1900 (the year in wich you are right now) up to 2022). Of course you can read, speak and write German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese and Chinese fluently. And in case someone is asking, you can tell that you have tought those languages yourself. They will believe you.

To make sure that you play along, Truck kun made sure that you don´t abdicate if things starting to get iffy.

You can follow the timeline or you can basically rewrite the Timeline. What you do is up to you.

So, Kaiser, what you gonna do ???


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What you are doing with this knowledge is up to you. Of course you could keep all this knowledge to you and let history take it´s course.
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