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You and your clones Vs. 1 (one) Lion

Mr Wumbo

Well-known member
You're dropped into 50x50 m arena and tasked to fight a male African lion to the death in the following scenarios:
  • You and your 9 copies (so 10 in total) wearing the clothes you usually wakes up with armed with 1.6m wooden sticks.
  • You and 4 of you but now armed with 1.6m bamboo spears.
  • You and the bare minimum of you armed with whatever object of your choosing within a 1m radius.
  • If the lion kills you all, how many waves of you (same number in the respective scenario) is needed to kill the lion?
  • If you can kill the lion, how many waves of single lions before you're all killed?

Corvus 501

New member
Scenario #1 is surprisingly survivable for me, if it's fudged a little to allow me to have part of my EDC, which I have, on occasion, fell asleep with in my pockets.

In Scenario #1, assuming a lot of luck on my part, as many as four instances of myself might survive, as ten people with knives and quarter staves is kind of survivable.
The key to this is to assume that collectively, there's enough adrenaline going through our systems that a few manage to distract the lion with the sticks, while the others rush in to make enough shallow stab wounds to slow it down through bleed out.

Scenario #2 is a possible low casualty event, as spears are ridiculously good at this exact task, and there's far less of a TPK chance for anyone rushing in to try to get knife stabs.

Scenario #1's biggest issue is that it would put me in a near maximally disadvantaged position, as the only damaging weapon available would put us in the lions preferred range.
With spears and sticks, as scenierio #2 no one would have to get close, so possibly less that half of us would get mauled, though a phirric victory remains the most likely end.
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