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We should drone strike them.
People who put ketchup on a hot dog?
Asshole bicyclists?
Headaches, why have it got to be this bloody continous headache?! I thought I left you behind me a long, long time ago!

*Goes to cry in a corner*
Aaand now I have to nuke my Windows and install everything all over again.
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What happened?
Using PrimoCache with 24 GB ram and 10 seconds buffer massively reduced the amount of writes done to my SSD. Was getting cache hit rates of 98%. Unfortunately while I was taking my cat to the vet I forgot that for some asinine reason when my PC goes to sleep it refuses to wake up the monitor anymore and must restart. I had to to pull the plug. It destroyed my UEFI boot partition. I had to reinstall Windows from scratch.
That is a cute arditi.
Actually, It’s Katyusha from Girls und Panzer dressed as Tachanka from Rainbow Six Siege. Tachanka just really like old soviet gear and became a meme. Said old soviet gear does look like the bulletproof plates the Arditi wore, though.
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Haha, I've watched this yesterday. Not because of MH17 but because I've decided to watch a couple of Sharyi's videos, and this was among the recommendations.
I'm aware I'm a huge cynic and jaded from past experiences. Am I bad person because of that? Is it wrong to be cynical and expect the worst outcomes?

My philosophy is to keep my head down and not expect any good, but hope whatever bad comes won't bother me. I don't expect any of my actions to affect the world positively so I just hope to cause the fewest ripples as it were and take what pleasure is available to me and minimize my pain and suffering.

Occasionally if I can and it's not out of my way I help people in need or take what people offer me. I don't really actively or intentionally do good or bad I guess, mostly neutral things. If I had an alignment it would be the sort of "Apathetic", "I don't care", "It's not my problem", and "Leave me alone" sort of True Neutral.
Happy Cirno day you baka!